~ Miss Chinese World ~


The Miss Chinese World Pageant will see the gathering of young Chinese beauties from around the globe to not only share their knowledge of Chinese cultures, customs and traditions, but also to promote Chinese heritage, mores and conventions worldwide.

The event is seen as more than a pageant, serving the dual purpose of promoting goodwill and friendship among the participants while enriching Chinese cultures, traditions, norms and customs in accentuating Chinese valus around the world.

The Miss Chinese World Pageant also seeks to strike a balance between modern and traditional Chinese practices while ensuring the old values are not lost or neglected.

The pageant gives priority to enhancing and boosting the delegates’ knowledge and understanding of Chinese practices, rites and observances while providing a showcase for them to display their appreciation of Chinese arts and culture.

The inaugural Miss Chinese World International Pageant 2005 saw a participation of 32 Chinese beauties from 13 countries – Cambodia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia,  New Zealand, the Phillipines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United States and host Malaysia.

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