~ Miss Tourism Ecuador 2019 (Press Release) ~

Ecuador – One of the countries that will be represented in Miss Tourism International 2019.

Below is the Press Release from Miss Tourism Ecuador 2019 :


Ecuador Plans its First Edition of Miss Tourism 2019

Across the world in South America, Ecuador is planning the first edition of the national competition Miss Tourism Ecuador 2019, which has as main objective potentiate the tourism of its cities or provinces of the hand of its queen.

The business group Dukers our partner in the South American country, is developing and promoting its own website (www.dukers-reinados.com.ec) (www.misstourismecuador.com.ec) To start their campaign to motivate the different local authorities to promote their destination and the search for candidates. The final gala will be on Friday September 27, 2019 on the occasion of the International Celebration.

The Choice of the typical costume and Final Gala is not yet defined in the city to be carried out, proposals from cities and provinces are being reviewed, who are interested in hosting the beauty pageant, which the world final, held every year in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia.

Know A little About the Country​

The Republic of Ecuador is politically divided into provinces, which in turn are divided into cantons and these in Urban-Rural parishes. Currently, the country consists of twenty-four provinces, divided in the following way:

  • Ten in the Sierra (provinces mainly of height, their territories are in the Cordillera of the Andes) these are (01) Carchi, (02) Imbabura, (03) Pichincha, (04) Cotopaxi, (05) Tungurahua, (06) Bolívar, (07) Chimborazo, (08) Cañar, (09) Azuay (10) Loja
  • Seven on the Coast (provinces that are on the coast of the country, in the sub-tropical and tropical zone) are: (11) Esmeraldas, (12) Santo Domingo de los Sachilas, (13) Manabí, (14) Los Ríos, (15) Guayas, (16) Santa Elena (17) El Oro.
  • Six in the east (provinces in the Amazon region of the country) being: (18) Orellana, (19)Sucumbíos, (20) Napo, (21) Pastaza, (22) Morona Santiago (23) Zamora Chinchipe.
  • One insular (corresponds to the insular territory of Ecuador being: (24) Galapagos.

Its housing population is for the 15 million Ecuadorians, a country that has an oil production banana producer, coffee, chocolate, as well as of flowers, toquilla straw hats. Ecuador is a country that is potentializing its tourism especially the Galapagos Island, Ecuador is a country with a vast and unequaled natural and cultural richness. The diversity of its four regions has given rise to hundreds of thousands of species of flora and fauna.


Dayanna Cuesta
Prensa – Relaciones Internacionales
Email: prensa@dukers-reinados.com.ec




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