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The ONLY professionally-organized international beauty contest held in Malaysia. The Miss Tourism International World Final, ever since its establishment in 1994, has attracted more than 60 countries participation and hosted more than 200 beauty queens from around the world.

The pageant provides an advertising and promotional platform for the event sponsors through the various activities conducted in the three weeks competition. The media, be it international or local, are invited to cover the pageant and its activities all the way, including sponsor’s activities where the sponsors have many opportunities to be publicized together with the contest itself. It will directly enhance the sponsors and brands image.

Miss Tourism International is a globally recognized international contest, it attracts audiences from all over the world. The theme activities are fully prepared and contained more significance of goodwill, friendship and peace to the world.

The huge marketing opportunities and business return potential is the strong reason why businesses and enterprises should sponsor this contest. Aided by the charm of the Miss Tourism International, there is no better platform for the good use of beauty that provide the best chance to establish and enhance image, brand, product and draw attention of the consumer.

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